Current Affairs

Current Affairs:  

The state of the lands, at least the lands that are hospitable, are on the brink of war-torn chaos.  The majority of the non-human races have retreated to their natural homes in the face of this human apocalypse.  Humans being the most numerous of races have forged, mainly, into two religious sects:  The noble followers of Iomedae and the misshapen followers of Lamashtu.  With these two as the major power groups in the world a war between them would devastate the people who call this place home.  

Two high priests, one from each sect, have agreed to meet in three days time in the bazaar of Haven, a city in the grasslands on the thinnest part of Folgram’s Peninsula, to discuss a peace treaty.  Despite its location in the grasslands, it is a towering beauty of a city and since it is so close to a port on either sea, it is home to many exotic imports.  It is also home to one of the most potent Assassin’s guild.  

Torsav, a middle aged man who is the pinnacle of nobility in service to Iomedae and Eyrag, a scarred and misshapen man of cunning intellect plan to meet to discuss a treaty of peace between the two warring factions.  

Rumors are abound as people from all over the world flock to Haven to witness the future of humanity.

Current Affairs

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