Bellicose Dreams

A Day at the Listing Galleon
The Party's First Adventure

The four familiar, well, "friends" is a loose term, we'll call them associates, found themselves in their usual drinking establishment affectionately known as The Listing Galleon.  It was mid-day and the place was packed given that the two high priests of the two major (and violently oppositional) religions were meeting in less that 24 hours nearby to discuss peace.


Tetsumo Kentai, the Bard and usual performer at The Listing Galleon was relating the daily news to the rest of the group, which consisted of one Mr. Ludwig (a sorcerer of some renown in the city of Haven, where he has an arcane school with some 40 attendees and teaching assistants), one Gunnar Magnusson (an experienced dwaven ranger who leads "adventuring tours"), one (nearly pyromaniacal) alchemist known as "Sparks" and one Parker, bodyguard to Mr. Ludwig.  The news that was fresh and little known is that Haven's most prominent (and feared) assassin, Copper, had taken a contract to assassinate the high priest of Iomedae.  Even less known, yet even more fresh, was the news that Copper had broken a tenet of the assassin's guild and was now being targeted by that very guild.


Soon the entire party was led on a merry chase through the five story building of The Listing Galleon after some shadowy figures only to discover that they were interrupting an assassination attempt of the very assassin that was the topic of conversation moments before.  


Succeeding in dispatching the five assassins, the tumult ended (after some pyrotechnics and skillful acrobatics) with the Bard being unconsciously brought back into the tavern and a hushed conversation over drinks which resulted in the most shocking news of all:  Copper, the assassin who was hired to kill the high priest of Iomedae is the brother of that very same man.  


Next up:  The Plot Thickens… 

What Dreams Have Come...
Our story so far...

This will be updated with a brief run-down of previous games as well as rumors and such for future games. 


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